CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 1.3.16

  • 2eab53d Updating version numbers
  • 8fc6b3f Making sure correct alias is selected for pagination
  • f883840 Docblock fixes to help apigen
  • 0b1c3d6 Removed the error control operator from "ocilogon" and "ociplogon" to avoid "white screen" when the OCI8 extension is not enabled.
  • fc012b9 Fix cake shell script to run properly on macos.
  • 1904b7a Fix issue with using contain() and query[contain]
  • 3f1edf7 at first set file loaded, than load file.
  • fb31146 Datasources: one more change here so that the correct columns are selected and not from the global table namespace.
  • 061d4a2 Datasource: This fixes an issue where the tables for different users override each other.
  • 3d8f090 Fix additional issues with saveAll().
  • decd8e1 Fix saving translate records with saveAll()
  • a0c9299 Fix singularization of databases.
  • 593e63b Update version numbers to 1.3.15