CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 1.3.15

  • 3ff1ff1 Remove bogus test.
  • a6c2144 add .travis.yml file
  • d805b3a Updated copyright to 2012.
  • c19b233 fixed except on error triggered.
  • 76cfd39 Fixed #2591
  • 47a8525 Added test for caching of SELECTS, but, not other statements which have the word "select" somewhere in them
  • 9558943 Fix duplicate items in HABTM associations.
  • 52f4b08 Make code in 1.3 the same as 2.0
  • 6237111 Fix reset() not affecting delivery.
  • 83155c0 Fix header stripping.
  • 48d3fc7 Fix a bug introduced when generating partial compatibility between 1.3 and 2.0 Cookies, where an empty valued key caused a PHP notice. Also, harden tests. Completes the fix for #2131.
  • 38eb214 Test case and Fix for: Number::currency() issue for custom formats and numbers between -1 and 1.
  • f867f0c Fix missing check for COUNT(DISTINCT in DboMSSQL
  • 340a9fd Adding iPad and windows phone os as mobile clients.
  • f9bcc95 Fix issue with find(count) and translated conditions.
  • 049b04d Fix singularization of 'foes'
  • 0141dad Optimized the validation processes when 'on' keys aren't used.
  • 175d148 Added test for the 'on' key in validation rules.