CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 1.3.13

  • 924fb6f Updating version numbers to 1.3.13
  • ad7db4c Fix failing test.
  • 08247a9 Fixing failing test.
  • 856b34f Correctly interpreting symlinks
  • 3b8ca96 1.3: Added resolution of symbolic links in cake CLI bash script. Removing newlines from end of file.
  • b4e3c8a Set umask when creating cache file Fixes #2080
  • 6fe24a4 Adding Opera mobi to mobile browser list. Fixes #2087
  • 049d6e4 Fix issue where incorrect elements would be used.
  • bc6de18 Fix issues with using 0 as an option for a shell command. Fixes #2079
  • 5d3fdfc Add support for NULL values in Set::format(). Add test case. Fixes #2076.
  • 3becdc5 Removing uses of db->fullTableName() when creating joins. Refs #2074
  • 2fa2de4 Updating the doc block for Datasource::delete() Fixes #2054
  • c143908 Change how floats are formatted in MySQL. Fixing precision issues where numbers would get truncated. Also maintaining compatibility with scientific notation. Fixes #2049
  • a6e4208 Fix Controller::paginate and ordering with virtualFields.
  • 69ba196 Changed the order of the include for the custom reporter and added file_exists() to prevent errors.
  • 534291a Re-adding DISABLE_DEFAULT_ERROR_HANDLING to Configure. Fixes #2033
  • ae8dd1c Form input elements can now have 'error' class appended with empty error messages. Allow setting empty error messages inside Model->validate. This complements Ceeram's commit which allows overriding error messages by empty strings from Form->input().
  • 9f23f65 Passing empty string in [\'error\'] behaved like false, now will behave like any other string
  • 932f07c Fixes baking of custom views. Was not setting path correctly or capturing content
  • d489d49 Moving 'joins' key conversion into DboSource::buildJoinStatement() Having this in Model felt like the wrong layer for it to reside. This also simplifies a few things internally. Refs #1517
  • 6afa21c find with joins option now respects prefix set in database configuration, fixes #1517 test to prove validity of ticket #1517
  • b5ddd4e Update Helper->tagIsInvalid() documentation.
  • a4fc424b Update Set::extract() calls inside Helper.
  • c2104a3 Stripping - from default Message-ID header. This fixes issues where certiain spamassassin rules would flag EmailComponent messages as spam due to too many - in the messageID. Fixes #2019
  • af36429 Fix to defect model virtualfields with mysqli Refs #2017
  • 9f71268 Added the "locale = $locale" condition to the ON part of the query.
  • d9c48b0 Added unittest for eef87ee74c2.
  • eef87ee Bug fixed. saveAll with validation option "only" or "first" works wll.
  • a65a5eb Apply patch from 'Eärendil' to fix FormHelper. Fixes Model.field.1 style fields when used with SecurityComponent. Fixes #2011
  • 6a05cad Fix Validation::time so it accepts spaces. Fixes #2015
  • 07f6803 Additional inflection rules provided through Inflector::rules() now take precedence over the core ones as expected. Fixes #2016
  • 0267a04 Removing Mime type notice. It causes message delivery failures on some SMTP servers. Amazon SES suffers from this issue. Fixing failing tests caused by additional spaces in email address formatting. Fixes #2005