CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 1.2.11

  • d823710 Releasing 1.2.11
  • fc389e8 Add cross version constants.
  • f91c755 Fixing file deletion issue in windows where unlink() cannot delete files that have open file handles. Fixes #376
  • 0064317 Removing PHP5.2.6 only mode value, and replacing it with PHP4 & 5 compatible mode.
  • b5db77e backporting fix for #1660 to branch 1.2, fixed broken locking when writing cache files
  • 0ddc5f1 Adding a line to the generated cache files, that re-assigns view params after component callbacks. Fixes issues with SecurityComponent and cache files. Fixes #1863
  • 095c15d Fixing issues with duplicate content/empty tags with CacheHelper. Added internal tag munging proposed by 'FelipePtChO'. Uncommented a test that was failing. Fixes #1857
  • eccfd1d Fixing issues with SecurityComponent, where removing your session, would allow posting of invalid form data. Fixes #1867
  • 1d0e946 Fixing issue wher times between 12:00 and 12:59 would be incorrectly marked as am. Fixes #1851
  • 7fad205 Fixing encoding of address aliases. They are now mime-encoded like other headers. Tests added. Fixes #1360
  • 8f3ce4f Updating the copyright to 2011.
  • 9cb31bf ticket #989 test case added
  • 268b0dc fixed! ticket #989, Set::extract replacing first index with an index of same key [0] one step lower
  • 5105d5c Applying patch from 'Stefano Rosanelli' which fixes Xml::toArray() greatly improving its ability to convert xml documents. Fixes #1667
  • f0b7066 Fixing XmlHelper overwriting its Xml property when creating an open element with elem() Fixes #1642
  • 561b8e2 Backporting changes related to session start checking done for 1.3 branch in commit 7d51952 to 1.2 branch. Closes #1612
  • b7e51d3 Removing dead links from the README file and adding as it was missing and is useful.
  • 446a6a0 Fixing linking of emails that are missing tld's. They should not be turned into links. Test added. Fixes #1622
  • 8a88301 Fixing order condition quoting to allow fields with - in them. Fixes #1599