CakePHP Changelogs

Versão 1.2.10

  • 9213495 Updating version numbers to 1.2.10
  • 8eb8f53 Fixing failing tests that started to fail because of [93d577b00ef890112961b25fb16dcc3bb3aeef87]
  • b2d67a2 Applying fix from 'Mark Mitchell' to expose PeriodicalExecuter in the callback. Fixes #1529
  • 93d577b Fixing how webroot is calculated for installs not using url rewriting. Also fixes using the top level index.php file. Test cases added for using both index.php files. Cleaned up existing tests for environment detection. Fixes #1261, Fixes #1432
  • fffa286 Fixing TextHelper::autoLinkEmails() not linking email addresses that contain '. Test added. Fixes #1457
  • ced8dcd Fixing issue where FormHelper::checkbox() would ignore an explicit checked = false, and use the post data instead. Test case added. Fixes #1437
  • 307a6fc Revert "Fixing Set::filter() not predictably filtering in a recursive fashion. While a minor change in behavior, more predictable and uniform behavior is worth it."
  • 45cf1a6 Adding EmailComponent::_getSocket() so EmailComponent + smtp is easier to test. Fixing issue where hosts with portnames could cause smtp emails to fail. Added tests, fixed an existing test to not depend on a local mailserver. Fixes #1433
  • db5e18f Making niceShort() compare the original dateString and userOffset. This fixes issues where timezone differences would cause the incorrect short form to be displayed. Fixes #1331
  • b7b1858 Fixing Set::filter() not predictably filtering in a recursive fashion. While a minor change in behavior, more predictable and uniform behavior is worth it. Fixes #1431
  • 5c481f1 Making EmailComponent register and un-register its view object, when rendering email templates. This allows helpers to use the view to do additional processing. Fixes #442
  • bcc0626 Applying patch from 'Thorsten Buss'. Fixes issues in DboSource, where mismatching types on join columns could result in incorrect query generation. Fixes #708
  • 348a7a2 Fix typo
  • 93a46cd Adding EmailCompnent::lineFeed property toallow overriding the default line feed string when using mail() function to send mail. Closes #1320
  • 156a708 Fixing test cases for EmailComponent
  • d91f7c2 Adding test for correct merge order for $uses. Fixing incorrect merge ordering for $uses, so it matches historical behaviour. Fixes #1309
  • 1dfe2ac Adding an array cast to fix issues where users could modify cookie values causing iteration errors. Fixes #1309
  • 390a7ae Fixed bug where Dispatcher::getUrl() returned incorrect URL if $base appeared in a $uri besides at start of $uri.
  • d173a18 Fixing issue where Date header would be missing from Emails sent by EmailComponent. Adding user configurable field for date. Test cases added. Fixes #1304
  • baeef09 Removing use of serialize() for locked fields. This removes any possible exploit related to serialize()/unserialize(). Instead values are passed as | delimited.
  • 53c4b53 Removing unserialize() as its dangerous. Instead using | delimited fields for locked fields. This totally avoids issues with serialize(). Removing str_rot13, as its only child proof. Tests updated.
  • 492f4f8 Applying patch from 'jmccaffrey' to fix issues on windows where virtual machine paths would not be correctly handled. Fixes #1254
  • f59d8a2 Removing Configure::write('debug') from ShellDispatcher. Fixes #1299, and Refs #366
  • 15f5a00 Removing __cache property that can be altered outside of the class definition. Adding __resetCache() as a replacement for checking if cache should be reset and written.