CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.6.5

  • 9d26dca Update version number to 3.6.5
  • 77c1eb1 Fix class type.
  • b81e221 Use more sane example values.
  • 80e813a Move start/end calculation into datasource.
  • 2f765a4 Fix docblock to what its interface contracts says.
  • 8a98ec8 add missing deprecation into Event::data()
  • 75397c5 Change name of Email::deliver() config argument
  • 2203e0d Remove use of undefined property from Cell::__debugInfo()
  • cc17cde Handling custom exit codes
  • 00c156b Catching StopException in ConsoleIntegrationTestCase
  • f747225 Remove unused function.
  • 135957d Extend dispatcher implementations to resolve URLs.
  • bb153ca Improve error message for missing shells
  • fe97f06 Fix #12168 - Stream restores error handler even if wrapper throws exception
  • b7c1163 Add stub file I missed earlier.
  • 37d4e37 Try to get travis to pass again.
  • 54554c7 Fix doc block
  • 4b8e98a Fix class name.
  • 8099090 Change wordwrap to Text::wordwrap at CakeEmail for multi-byte
  • 6f0dac2 Fix up failing tests on new versions of libicu
  • 39e89f3 Fix #12163
  • c5c3b85 Improve assertions a bit.
  • f07140d Fix up failing tests when run against new versions of libicu.
  • bdf8ffc Include AppShell when scanning application for shells/commands.
  • d5c82b4 Generate routes as part of the integration tests
  • 25696ad Add another missing deprecation
  • e78cb4a Add deprecation warnings for Response methods.
  • d339699 Deprecate Plugin::routes()
  • 35e0d41 New MimeType for .bmp files
  • 16c9e34 Use curl instead of DownloadFile
  • 6b35611 Plugin::load() should use concrete plugin classes if they exist
  • 8b1026f Fix a typo
  • b34eb25 Remove redundant code.
  • a4a8b5c Include missing exception
  • 5db1ae9 fix deprecationWarning message