CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.6.14

  • 4ce123c Update version number to 3.6.14
  • 1a46ad9 Fix getFinder() return type
  • 17f75bb Fix Association::$finder type
  • 09a9875 Run cache tests when collecting coverage
  • 22f82f5 Fix incorrect alias name on joined associations
  • ac4eb33 Fix grammar in Memcached Engine comment
  • b8789cd Fix another typo in Memcached engine comments
  • c8eee74 Update Memcached engine description
  • 41cd064 Test with SQLite first to get first results faster
  • e56683d Adjusted assertions to match NullEngine::write() returned value
  • 6b63831 Cache's NullEngine::write() method will now return `true`, this in effect will comply with parent abstract method's return type declaration.
  • d7a9772 Consolidate paths.
  • ebeb631 Try to fix codecov builds
  • abbdf03 Fix docblocks
  • 1604706 Fix return type in of `countBy` @method annotation in Query
  • 853b691 Fix tests that were failing becuase of ICU changes.
  • c2fac8f Fix invalid value of htmlspecialchars argument
  • d252e0b Fix missing doc blocks. Allow IDE autocomplete/discov.
  • c2df1fb Add test case.
  • 756cf7e Fix paginator defaulting for multi-default-sort.
  • be674c9 Fix small typo
  • afa1fe9 Use Locale::lookup to handle generic options as a fallback