CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.6.12

  • cb3034e Update version number to 3.6.12
  • a074a07 Fix typo in Route.php
  • 54bb7eb Simplify check for reverse PHPUnit aliases
  • 5515f51 Fix phpstan reported doc block and casting issues.
  • dd019ba Do not commit dependency.
  • 64ef1f0 Fix phpstan reported doc block and casting issues.
  • 1a684f9 Fix deprecationWarning message
  • fc8bd43 Fixed bug causing message-id to be regenerated
  • 806fef1 CGL - missing space
  • 3cf9fe0 Use strpos instead of array_search
  • 91ebf06 Fix incorrect class_exists('PHPUnit_Framework_Test')
  • ae397d7 Add alias for PHPUnit\Framework\Error\Notice
  • a8922fd Fix test for phpunit 5.7.
  • 3c3d86d Set property to null instead of unsetting.
  • 04342bb Fix test.
  • 8203c77 Small tidy up on MySQL binary column type generation
  • 52685b3 Check disable_functions before set_time_limit
  • 813cd75 Improve code readability.
  • 4e11ad9 Show notice for non existent controller property.
  • cb077bd Fix doc block.
  • 7114153 Fix doc block.
  • 6407b26 Fix doc blocks and isAutoLayoutEnabled() method.
  • 4feee54 Fix typo
  • 9a155e9 Improved support for BINARY(n) and VARBINARY(n) columns
  • b85672a Fix entity route incorrectly handling placeholders
  • ae7ec50 Update doc block to indicate absolute path requirement.
  • e0db18f Always download composer.phar
  • b1667c6 Try removing the check for cached files to make the tests runs reliably.
  • 39a08dd docs: Switch from master/slave in datasource readme
  • 1585d0e Fix scopes with actions not working.
  • ba6059c Use config value instead of hardcoded "webroot" string.
  • 8d47e7e Code style fix
  • db362e9 Stricter validation for encrypted cookie
  • 4e0b39e Remove deprecation notice.
  • 4c2dc85 Do not throw exception if encrypted cookie too short