CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.6.1

  • 7f97eaf Update version number to 3.6.1
  • 6f7f92c Update requirements in subsplits.
  • 047903c Replace the session engine when an instance is provided.
  • eb9ebae Include leading slash in return value of ServerRequest::getPath().
  • e6ac44c Add ServerRequest::getPath().
  • 589e142 Add BreadCrumbsHelper to doc block
  • 7696f5b Fix handling of base paths.
  • 50c3fa4 Remove extra slash
  • 1e6018f Fix API documentation of formatResults()
  • 2937ee5 Remove outdated information.
  • e2ed51f Fix mismatched URL comparisions in SecurityComponent.
  • 169d43e Enable data URIs to be used in asset URLS.
  • 55d8332 AuthComponent should only compare paths.
  • 887dc4d Fix another reference to LICENSE.txt
  • e13a095 Mention how one can disable deprecation warnings in error mesage.
  • a3852b4 Update
  • 9c23690 fix Controller 3.6 deprecated message from class attribute to method
  • 2d168c5 Fix failing tests.
  • 88fa014 This should make it pick up
  • 9035038 Rename license file