CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.6.0-beta3

  • e76d020 Update version number to 3.6.0-beta3
  • 3fb7afa Fix recursive plugin loading.
  • d3833ca The getCollection method is not intended for user-land usage.
  • fa036c6 Include plugin bootstrap on the first time.
  • 81edbac Use whereInList() and whereNotInList().
  • 9a1e49e Rename whereIn()/whereNotIn() to whereInArray()/whereNotInArray()
  • bf89a65 Add missing annotation
  • 5e6c812 Deprecate getter code smell parts contain() in favor of getContain().
  • b3edbb6 Fix CS.
  • f84edf3 Remove combined getter/setter on QueryTrait.
  • f310d52 fix method name
  • 8f0cde7 Fix test cases.
  • a71aa15 Add types into $options array.
  • 5f7d232 Add test that covers the deprecated locale method.
  • 5e4e0e2 Split TranslateBehavior::locale() into getter/setter.
  • 9c36a48 Use safer defaults and make it a more deliberate choice to use intuitive behavior.
  • 6075bc4 Add whereIn() and whereNotIn() and allow to behave as intuitively expected.