CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.5.9

  • 6efecef Update version number to 3.5.9
  • dff88e6 Fix phpcs errors.
  • 2ea650d Fix docblock of TranslateBehavior::buildMarshalMap()
  • e7a19ac Update deprecated tag description.
  • 424f2eb Remove incorrect PHPDoc tags
  • 7a6dff9 Avoid phpunit reporting incorrect version
  • c12ae0a Add more tests for patchEntity and patchEntities.
  • 900d7ef Use term "template" instead of "view".
  • 73d7c5d Enable SQLServer dsn creation to run without sqlserver.
  • 4efa6b6 Fix few errors reported by phpstan level 3
  • 6e28907 Fix gc as per interface definition and expectation/documentation.
  • 6d4308e Save an assignment operation.
  • 2812c08 Don't use a function to check boolean values.
  • 9faf5b8 Foreach is faster than array_map.
  • d5e9ff2 Only sort paths once.
  • 528e7dd Fix test on PHP 7.2
  • 35a2436 Fix CS error.
  • 10161bb Fix dispatched event info display in debug.
  • 04bcc25 Allow port to be specified in SQLServer connections.
  • c73bed8 true.
  • 75531f6 bring .gitignore in line with cakephp/app's
  • 765d905 Fix incorrect validator object checking.
  • 4acaab3 Ignore remaining phpstan errors for now.
  • bca167d More phpstan related fixes.
  • ac148f5 More phpstan related fixes.
  • 63f1dd5 Update inline docblocks.
  • 80cf939 Remove unneeded ignore pattern
  • 387366b Fix some more phpstan reported errors.
  • a17609a Another try to fix PHPUnit_Runner_Version related errors.
  • fba1e9b Autoload IntegrationTestCase to avoid error related to PHPUnit_Runner_Version
  • ae74d92 Update methods calls as per changes in phpstan.
  • e475be7 Fix errors reported by phpstan.
  • 13eeb6b Use phpstan v0.9.