CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.5.5

  • 042d0cd Update version number to 3.5.5
  • 99d2234 Fix Exception message to be optional as parent signature demands
  • 307b91c Add table to the debug info, and remove toArray()
  • c02c9d2 update php version
  • 7c4426d Allow for custom buildValidator event while keeping things BC.
  • 66a424b Allow debug() to provide current fields instead of all content.
  • 814d001 Use string instance of constant for backwards compatibility.
  • 0853e43 Deprecate `$initialized` property.
  • 4498394 Move `Router::$initialized` from `RoutingMiddleware` to `BaseApplication`.
  • 51bf75e Attempt to fix double length issue in PHP.
  • fd63e9b Force email domain lookups to work in fallback case.
  • a5fb94a FormData::addFile() should add the part.
  • 5c6821f Removed Whitespace
  • 87b91e9 Added the @param comments
  • ac82547 Added default null value to $message
  • 4acf17f Add custom message to response code assertions
  • 1b3cb01 a test for withType() and getType() being used together
  • 610d6cd Ignore non-conventional PHP constants.
  • 857ad18 Mark broken SSL versions as deprecated.
  • 5b6b990 Add support for specific TLS versions.
  • 001504a We no longer support HHVM.
  • b379b8e Add deprecated tag to Response::type()
  • ffa3219 fix typo
  • 2b66858 Implement response::getType()
  • 5de2418 Include Subject and To in email log when using MailTransport
  • 92ab47e Fix errors when request data is a string and tokens are enabled.
  • f6a27e2 Fixed SqlserverSchema return colum length double the actual size #11295