CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.5.11

  • b557240 Update version number to 3.5.11
  • 0f4225d Unset the save_handler for PHP7.2
  • f05ea34 'name' now required as first arg unlike the cookie()
  • da501ee parsed url now contains '_name' property
  • e4c769f Fix notice errors when scope is unset.
  • 5a92e88 Update PHPDoc for Validation::comparison()
  • 8a9e82b add seperate test and unset _name in reverseToArray function
  • 8122291 Add meta data cache doc for ORM split.
  • 1b8a8c8 Enable automatic PHPCS fixing from stickler
  • bde8258 Keep it optional for query caching. Only schema is needed as default.
  • e6ef62d Simplify documentation. Use good defaults.
  • f449682 Fix cache as dependency for ORM dependencies.
  • 3d46087 Forward port #11581 to 3.x
  • f3d5a6b Bump year.
  • 72cbe47 Allow URL #hash for scoped paginator links
  • e54c48b Fix incorrect tag for EntityInterface::getSource()
  • bf6af46 Revert "Added irregular word to inflector: receive"
  • dec9e45 Fix namespace displayed for nested prefix.
  • c2655ef Added irregular word to inflector: receive
  • 87c4af7 add tests for name
  • 0b13615 show _name parameter in request if set
  • b584ff0 Allow `false` prefix to be used in options().