CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.4.0-RC3

  • b7680a2 Update version number to 3.4.0-RC3
  • 6792783 Fix doc block sentence.
  • ab96da0 Fix up return self to $this for chainable.
  • 0ab2d07 Add test for mailers not being reset on error.
  • 946478e Update backwards compat alias generation.
  • 68a90fd Fix type resulting in multipleOptions param being ignored
  • a7645d6 Prove Validator.multipleOptions is broken
  • b0da8f2 Fallback to $_FILES instead of nothing.
  • fb1f947 Improve error message on belongsToMany associations
  • 3b4345e Update Translator class to match changes in Aura.Intl 3.0.
  • ece8fe5 Used 3.0 stable for aura/intl
  • c6a98f8 Bump Aura.Intl version to 3.0.
  • e1164a7 Reset Mailer when exceptions are thrown
  • 131f0ed Provide BC typehinting for TableSchema.
  • f9fbead Fix doc block in test.
  • 81a82c5 Fix doc block in test.
  • 1c4c0ff Fix up late static binding newable.
  • eff8d9a Make routes use host conditions to generate URLs
  • 0fdae8e Squashed query update type check
  • e808d23 minor fixes to unit tests (#10052)
  • 3c728d7 Fix up doc block return types for chaining.
  • cd379b2 Fix up doc block return types for chaining.