CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.4.0-RC2

  • 58590c5 Update version number to 3.4.0-RC2
  • d9f7478 Fix docblocks of the ORM `deleteAll()` method
  • 7103f57 Use absolute fallback path for better test tools integration.
  • 68df80b Update SqlserverSchemaTest.php
  • aaab094 Update SqlserverSchema.php
  • d2a0560 Update PostgresSchema.php
  • 8c0a48b Update PostgresSchemaTest.php
  • 05f7113 Update PostgresSchema.php
  • c21a13b Revert "Fix docblock"
  • cb4f073 Fix docblock
  • a3298a4 Fix missing inflection on prefix value.
  • afdc47d Update doc return to reflect assoc json decode
  • dc2a2e2 Add braces to name call
  • 716b4a1 Add braces to key call
  • f10d092 Fix expression doc blocks.
  • 74fed15 update docblock + tests
  • 98c4cef Remove extra fi
  • 6ac8d56 Fix CS
  • 2d32a1e Fix CS error
  • df36f91 Shift subcommand propagation to be at help generation.
  • 8aec91e Port `parseHuge` option to 3.x
  • 39235a7 Update SqlserverSchemaTest.php
  • a6565b5 Update PostgresSchemaTest.php
  • 47980df Fix docblock
  • 535f073 Use Cake\I18n\TranslatorFactory instead of Aura\Intl\TranslatorFactory
  • 323401c Fix CS error
  • 943922f Update SqlserverSchemaTest.php
  • b25f95e Update PostgresSchemaTest.php
  • 1dcca27 Update PostgresSchema.php
  • 5a75112 Update SqlserverSchema.php
  • 2710e2b RFC2616 When sending a request through a proxy URI must be in an absoluteURI format. Fixes #10038
  • 34a3c69 Router custom prefix path