CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.3.8

  • 6ab9f76 Update version number to 3.3.8
  • 171242d Fix mailmap for thinkingmedia
  • e1cab83 Added my emails
  • 5d4d60a fix my mapping
  • ebe377d added my emails
  • c766783 Add .mailmap
  • 3eeaaeb Add closing ' mark
  • 8c61766 Fix options being passed down from validateUnique
  • e0501dd Add additional test coverage for optional columns
  • fc4970d Add lib-ICU dependency for i18n package as well.
  • 9fbf99a Improved wording
  • c721dde Fix nullable field with default value in various db platforms.
  • 2660312 Fix additional translation records being created for the default locale.
  • 5684659 Fix incorrect logger method name.
  • 8ebb54d Fix use statements.
  • f4b29b9 Fix CS for class instantiations.
  • f292f90 Fix CS.
  • e10dc8c Remove inline FQCN into use statements.
  • 8e8dc5d Fix up type tests with help of IDE.
  • b6e8a99 Update doc blocks to FQCN.
  • 53d5653 Fix doc blocks to FQCN
  • f9db56b Fix doc block
  • 341fb32 Allow formatting join tables
  • b948ab2 fix FQCN
  • f518892 Update patchEntity docs to be correct.
  • 7b673e4 swap returns
  • b1cf698 _get returns mixed not Component
  • 4286ab0 C:/Program Files/Git/ should not be part of use sort order
  • 7238fdf improves test coverage for components
  • 46deb66 Fix components enabled config option when merging with defaults.
  • 02f5af9 Showing that formatResults on belongsToMany doesn't work