CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.3.15

  • d85909b Update version number to 3.3.15
  • dbca5e2 Tidy up test cases.
  • b0a3fe8 Move hiddenField handling to FormHelper
  • 03ebb2b Fixed missing quotes in doc block Removed spare line Combined conditions
  • 441e44b Move unset() of hiddenField to FormHelper
  • 47e7abe Remove bunk annotation, use full stop
  • 18117ea Don't emit errors when marhshaller gets a scalar for an association
  • b717f31 Allow whitespace before tags when checking HTML.
  • 3d84bde Moved tests from FormHelperTest to respective Widget TestCases
  • 59a02e7 Fixes for broken tests
  • 116f799 Allow attributes to be passed to RadioWidget & MultiCheckboxWidget This currently already works with CheckboxWidget
  • 1dec2bf QueryLogger strips some characters from queries
  • dd65c3c Update return description
  • 8b05ce8 Removed `$useIndex` support of false
  • f9ff4cd Clean before building packages.
  • f316b1f Removed the `asString` option from `StringTemplate::addClass` method Switched from $options array to string `$useIndex` as we only have one option now
  • ebde157 Updated docblocks
  • 5482f3b Split large test method
  • 2606865 Renamed `optionsLabel` to `labelOptions`
  • 9779b57 Changed test attribute to `data-name` more meaningful Removed rogue `label` element set
  • 9495517 Make sure 'checked' is always set and remove the isset
  • 9b01a1e Fix so empty class isn't added to RadioWidget render (This fixes the tests that were broken)
  • 3e05d22 StringTemplate::addClass now defaults to using 'class' element
  • f304403 Changed how `label` is passed around, reduces the impact on many Widgets
  • dcbb89f Changes to StringTemplate::addClass method Defaults to using 'class' element Renamed `returnArray` to `asString`
  • 4fb6107 Added addClass method to StringTemplate with accompanying tests Switched MultiCheckboxWidget and RadioWidget to use addClass
  • 8ff6564 Fixed phpcs issues
  • 9a7b8cf Allow FormHelper::input to pass options to ControlLabels (labels around Radio and MultiCheckbox) Added `optionsLabel` Added tests Fixes any tests broken by this