CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.3.14

  • d12b9ab Update version number to 3.3.14
  • 2a3c76b try to fix phpunit verison requirement
  • 002ab8e Trying a new version cnstraint for phpunit
  • 3c838c1 'toggle vendor stack frames' do not work
  • 6cc8ec0 Separate email log headers and body with empty line.
  • fe6ac71 Improving version constraint for php so that we can still test in php 5.5
  • 3cefc17 Pin phpunit to verion 5.7
  • e808b70 Replicating the same fixes done to DatabaseSession in CacheSession
  • 901bb07 Add tests for #10148
  • 78da4e8 Clean up doc block.
  • 25cba6f Fix stickler errors
  • 049c54e Throw exception indicating translator cache must be cleared
  • 5fec593 Fix Collection::transpose() with different number of columns and rows
  • da419ca Correctly re-setting the buffered statement setting for MySQL in case of an exception
  • aee51a1 revert unit test for unbuffered
  • 80e0994 added exception for serialize an unbuffered result set, and also a test for this edge case
  • 434ea31 this restores SplFixedArray performance op after unserialization
  • 9177f56 use SplFixedArray count method
  • a728cb2 improves fix by not serializing SplFixedArray objects
  • 1ba6e21 Ensure that notBlank takes various variable types into account
  • a4c9341 Failing test to prove there's a problem
  • 7cc6d5a Simplify _fieldIsEmpty() conditions
  • 21ef74e reverted file engine test
  • 6a7e8c8 fixes issue #101111 by forcing array type
  • da16081 adds a unit test for PHP serializing of Entity object
  • 82d45df adds test for caching result set with file engine. References issue #10111 and this test is failing for me on PHP 7.1.1
  • f242029 Ensure non conflicting placeholders in unit tests
  • 7d1cdde Reduce logic duplication
  • 572f8c7 Wrote unit tests for the rest of ValueBinder class
  • dbd6e7a Updated unit tests to reflect fix to ValueBinder->placeholder
  • 2d852a6 Remove unused variable
  • c9e5fb9 Fix ValueBinder functionality to match methods comments
  • b420775 Unit test proving ValueBinder->placeholder is returning unexpected results