CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.3.10

  • 135dd3b Update version number to 3.3.10
  • 6eb1be0 Fix missing HTML encoding in Debugger
  • 5bb25ce Improved thrown MissingElementException message
  • 54ab52c Add default value support for SQLServer
  • 5cd5edc Add additional test for Sqlite/Postgres datetimes
  • f5a4c3b Fix missing default values for datetime/timestamp
  • 235f2f5 removed redundant blocks
  • b944d83 removed function array_merge, and changed the variable name from to
  • e521dbc fixed variable names from => , => , and fixed PHP docs
  • 6264a3b inserted a blank line.
  • 03960de #9848 PaginatorComponent.php ignores maxLimit
  • 8951807 simpler bool check
  • 103e579 Add parameter comments
  • fa82b08 Add functions to test response body against regular expressions
  • 125e833 lint errors fixed
  • a6342a1 Added strict comparison & created new testcase for duplicate Flash messages
  • 08e17ed Flash messages stack and in cases can result in duplicate messages when a message is set in AppController::beforeFilter then a controller receives a post and has to redirect. The message will be set twice. If a duplicate => false is set, and the message is already in the array, it will not be added.
  • 073a127 Alias order field in findTreeList().
  • 98e3a7c Don't test sorting by modified time twice.
  • 2f546b7 Fix MySQL host.
  • 18e5d31 Use View class when rendering error page for nested errors.
  • cea1b6f Attempt to fix the MySQL builds.
  • 5dbf14c Corrected psr/log version constraint to everything in 1.x
  • ff6c78d uses the CACHE constant
  • 8b2f80b Add tests related to #9818
  • bd4482e It uses a TMP subdirectory for tests that delete cache files
  • d489531 Don't allow PHP7.1 to fail anymore.
  • 9baeda9 Don't fail tests on microseconds.
  • 80ef05a returns an empty string with no crumbs
  • dc14d47 `BreadcrumbsHelper::render()` returns null with no crumbs
  • 3099d41 Correctly generate IN clause placeholders.
  • a366a3c Fix the fatal error that has started showing up.
  • 1aeb264 Replace `%` in templates with `%%`