CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.3.0-beta3

  • 3d1785e Update version number to 3.3.0-beta3
  • 1e05296 Improving the ExistsIn exception message. See #9157
  • 12612ff Add "callable" type for consistency with other methods.
  • 255fb52 Add back push() as alias for MiddlewareQueue::add().
  • 3c3bbbe Update push() to addd() in test app.
  • f492ddb Rename MiddlewareStack to MiddlewareQueue.
  • c97e14c Rename $stack to $queue and push() to add() in MiddlewareStack.
  • ad124a3 fix malformed dataproviders
  • 5bb6654 fix tests
  • 7f54244 add error code 451 -
  • 0bd9dc1 Fix phpcs error.
  • 7a59b6b Make stripLinks a bit more thorough
  • 5f2475c update and tests against PHP 7.1
  • 605b033 Correct docblock
  • 70c0ca3 Revert "Minor optimization for DateTimeType"
  • 07bbfb3 Update docblock of Table::save()
  • c23fbd0 Rebasing and fixing docblock
  • eff2902 Fixing tests and CS errors
  • 3be1067 Fix CS errors.
  • f38839f Throwing an exception when the afterSave aborts the transaction
  • 10d69ff Don't treat replaceLinks() as working when new entities fail to save.
  • 49540e0 Correct Controller::redirect comment
  • f467c47 make all router methods use static instead of class name.
  • 4da6ec1 fix api typos
  • e91858d rename allowPartialNulls to allowNullableNulls
  • ba8673e Always load RequestHandler for ErrorController.