CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.1.4

  • 46abd77 Update version number to 3.1.4
  • c4c2701 Removing old Validation class syntax. Better pass the parameters than arrays
  • 0c01172 Fix plugin view names being able to escape the plugin root directory.
  • 99977b3 Add missing Flash helper property hint.
  • 94039ba Added tests for PR #7646
  • 1379da0 Assuming that updateAll is always OK if no exceptions occurred in _unlink. Removing unnecessary test.
  • c99a54f Assuming that deleteAll statement inside _unlink is always OK if no exceptions occurred. Removing unnecessary test
  • b148a78 Fix return type hint.
  • 5b7d8bc Let nested validator know if current context is create or update
  • 4d0f935 Fix CS.
  • 38951b2 Fix documentation of controller callbacks.
  • 131cb91 Fixed typo
  • adbc780 Unfortunately it is too difficult to test the fulle xcpetion message, relaxing the assertion a bit
  • e196c1d Throwing exception when passing empty list of values as condition
  • 9a853a1 Adding one more test, with entities to be added in a replace operation while the target table has no records
  • 4bb24a9 HasMany::replace taking into consideration success of delete statements while unlinking
  • 16216c0 Remove unnecessary leftovers from new test case.
  • a448f49 Add test for Html->meta()
  • e5aeafd Contain target table in BelongsToMany::replaceLinks() when conditions present.
  • 74ec45d Correct docblock for connection manager parseDsn
  • cd4fee4 Tiny mistake in phpdoc in AuthComponents defaultConfig
  • 2a1d981 Fixed typo
  • c7fa2cc Optimizing a bit more the default type inference in the Query
  • cf05849 Add afterDeleteCommit to test case
  • 2099cad Add afterSaveCommit and afterDeleteCommit callbacks to behaviours
  • 54ffe64 PHPCS fixes and doc block corrections.
  • eeb48f4 Fix phpcs error
  • f06c6cf Use binding key in counter cache.
  • a3698f8 Add another flavor of test for the array_diff_key
  • 2fd7ac5 Add the ability to set the default model type
  • 031965a Fix a typo in docblock
  • 403713e Use Canadian CST timezone instead of Amsterdam.
  • 0558d5f Allow --debug flag to enable fixture schema output.
  • 928c7ca Make sure direction values are lowercased to be consistent.