CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.0.6

  • a4ad1cb Update version number to 3.0.6
  • 7e20983 New mock objects version causes our test suites to fail.
  • cf3eaf5 Update FloatType.php
  • 1b9ede2 Update DateTimeType.php
  • 7361cce Updated docBlock
  • 0584e60 Fix empty query expressions for generating invalid SQL.
  • 13bdda3 Add tests for empty expression objects in association conditions.
  • 2cde19f Add option to disable local XML file parsing.
  • 64fef6a Port the Inflector fixes from #6635 to 3.0
  • 8dda329 Fix typo in error template file name.
  • 9515d83 Fix getOriginal() not preserving nulls.
  • 53d9194 Fixed @since in QueryExpressionTest
  • 3abc5fa Added __call() on QueryExpression to allow for and() and or() to be called transparently. Implements #6477
  • 8c05515 replace DS with DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR in filesystem sub-package
  • addd1f5 Fix CS
  • fa18d1e Fix typo
  • 46ba06f Fix pagination return early for whitelisting.
  • 7204e18 Pass the base and webroot properties into sub-requests.
  • 30f6d35 Add URL option to first/last as well.
  • 7ae4ca9 Fix CS
  • fad7c83 Add doc blocks.
  • 726fc42 Add test cases
  • b387e6c Add __debugInfo() to common class types that could easily timeout or memory-exhaust.
  • 880e383 Fix test for postgres
  • 4a6c7e8 Add tests for trace logging change.
  • 28af8cd Remove accessor cache.
  • 52853ac Reset node level when recovering tree.
  • 68ace0b Respect Error.trace config when writing exception logs
  • 47e442a Made code DRYER
  • 5335715 Reflect 'url' options to Pagenator::numbers()
  • 9ae08a8 Removed an extra space
  • 94daf3d Add some minimizable (boolean) attributes
  • 8ddcfc9 Fix PHPCS error.
  • d730ea5 Fix double encoding in postLink() URLs.
  • ccb1189 Fix extension in README
  • 2fec8d3 Attributes minimization