CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.0.14

  • 3d7c826 Update version number to 3.0.14
  • 1cc6e48 Fix typo
  • 90e8fcd Allow CURRENT_TIMESTAMP for datetime columns - MySQL5.6+
  • c2ec480 Request: added jsonapi mime type
  • 496bfed typo in "entities"
  • 847cf2f Add extra test case for cache registry setter and update docblock.
  • ae111e6 Change ternary operator
  • e42b536 Add recoverSort to TreeBehavior
  • f64724a Making UuidType marshal empty strings as null
  • d068308 Make debugInfo methods more resilient.
  • 3a9ab0e fix typo in the console output
  • f9dcdd9 Fixing bug in BetweenExpression
  • e0f29e2 Fix CS
  • 34cc144 Remove unused use statements
  • 948fe2a Document missing strategy and finder options.
  • e93d6f2 fix license
  • a05d02d Use OPENSSL constants rather than a bool
  • ffecea9 Fix required state detection for booleans on associations.
  • 47ee54f Fixed CS error
  • 92c5466 Avoiding a notice when reading missing session data
  • 219c872 Allow for injecting of a cache registry
  • 313318a Use the new Cache::registry() method within the Cache class.
  • d07708c Remove leading `\`
  • ca6fa48 Add a Cache::registry method
  • 7f58bf1 Handle postgres time without timezone correctly.
  • 73cc8d8 Make tests more strict.
  • fe6b32f Add a zero test for Request::query()
  • b4344f5 Make stringish hardcoded values a class constant.
  • a7d5270 Removing unneeded line
  • 43ad987 Fixing json view selection via ACCEPT header.
  • 3d6eb08 Handle optgroups with integer values better.
  • 0049cf6 Format array data without errors.
  • ec0e14a Don't output domain files when merge is enabled.
  • 530719b Remove welcome message and remove dead paths.