CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.0.12

  • 5ff3f8d Update version number to 3.0.12
  • 4ed744d Pin i18n standalone to Carbon v1.13
  • ea410bd Fix typo.
  • 5375c2c Skip test if ext missing.
  • befae37 modified description as suggested by ADmad
  • b38b363 Add "Plugin" & "Inflector" use
  • 15e1b16 tried to replace xx for Z
  • 5a4ab48 Fix double base directory in unauthorized redirects.
  • f99cb79 added option to set json_encode formatting using setJsonEncodeFormat
  • 9d98905 correct the case for `Cake\Datasource\EntityInterface`
  • 150be2d add missing use statement
  • 8455cfc fix extra '/' in viewPath if prefix is set to false
  • 67d1c98 Disallow direct controller names
  • 4685fd3 Fix order of clases in use statements
  • 48d0c2c LocaleSelectorFilter now sets the current locale
  • 8842edf psr2
  • 2a99ba9 Don't allow overridden methods to count as actions.
  • a0d9442 Fix type issues with SQLServer.
  • 7c42905 Fix issue with postgres.
  • 80908ec Ensure that fields in orderAsc/orderDesc are quoted.
  • f65eddd Fix missing parens in SQLServer
  • 095a091 Fixed wrong variable name
  • 7f55762 Fix misleading exceptions for invalid transport configs
  • 9b0c1fc Add regression test for #7163
  • 058daad Allow customizing templates for prev() and next().
  • 9e644b4 Fix value where `literal` values did not work with case statements
  • 05b11a4 First pass at implementing orderAsc/orderDesc
  • 0c3f904 Use the registryAlias when setting entity source.
  • 0bb29ec Fixing nullable detection in ExistsIn rule, closes #7174
  • c2f14ba Fix branch conflicts in the various subsplits.