CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.9.3

  • 410df00 Update version number to 2.9.3
  • 74c2ded Fix directory traversal of .ctp files
  • 02df9ff Add a note about $boot
  • f9d2a52 Revert "Remove dead code"
  • bbb87b3 Use null instead of false for failure.
  • e057b55 Fix PHPCS.
  • 71b7d62 Fix AclNode constructor.
  • 66363e6 Add tests for #9766
  • 5c18419 Improve doc block
  • 936b992 Add tests for overridden cacheMethodFilter
  • 1952d2e Add tests for cacheMethodFilter
  • 71535d2 Change cacheMethodFilters to be a method
  • 5947c23 Fix failing test
  • 7ffb5c3 Add tests for cacheMethodHasher
  • e186ffc Change cacheMethodHashAlgo to be a method
  • 444cf1f Fix hostname.
  • 15ccf05 Make it possible to configure cacheMethodHashAlgo in DboSource
  • 58cc9b4 Make it possible to filter values per method in DboSource::cacheMethod
  • dec7f54 Fixed typos
  • 94572ae Do not use deprecated assertIsA
  • 175503f Expose engines
  • 23009ae Update build config for new pear server.
  • 38518c2 doc blocks adjusted
  • 7ffa7ac fixed shell dispatcher failed unit test
  • 92e3807 fixed failing shell dispatcher test
  • 467ee85 some refactoring to fix failed shell dispatcher tests
  • aa21244 accept webroot shell parameter