CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.9.0-RC1

  • 0c189b5 Update version number to 2.9.0-RC1
  • f699afe add missing Flash default element
  • 7e27fcc Restore version file to 2.9.0-dev
  • 0912867 Minor formatting clean up.
  • e0682fc added testcases for time and datetime-fields both have set their length field and should be displayed as text-inputs
  • 0de87cd Added also datetime, since it can have microseconds, too
  • 40b812e added field type "time" sothat no "maxlength" attribute is set for the text-input element. This is neccessary when a "length" is specified for a time-database-field. This length dictates the amount of decimal digits, eg. milliseconds, and not the overall character size.
  • bfb6ebb PHPCS fixes
  • bc3a1fb Makes ShellTest::testShellLoggersDoNotGetOverridden actually useful
  • 153f04a Changes behaviour of _useLogger so that already-configured loggers are not overridden
  • 1826b4c Add DboSource::flushQueryCache()
  • 5006cc3 Add a test case to make sure of backward compatibility
  • 7207d8f Remove class extension.
  • e26cdc9 Add class_alias()
  • e84ff5e Fix doc block param types.
  • 657b1a1 Fix doc block param types.
  • bae4a11 Rename test file.
  • 3e2b840 Add deprecated BC wrapper class.
  • dda9e83 Refactor Object to CakeObject for future PHP7 comp.
  • a0ea7a0 Fix PHP5.4+ syntax.
  • a6702b7 Extracts error trace in ErrorHandler to a helper function to allow customization
  • cd62c89 Back port mime types from
  • 8220669 Bump version for 2.9.0
  • 4b1be44 Don't make variables we never use.