CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.8.7

  • d0041f1 Update version number to 2.8.7
  • 5253f0b fixes postLink form last action
  • 427d928 minor code style improvements
  • 98cd278 improved performance of insertMulti() in Mysql
  • 0feb93f added Eclipse paths to gitignore
  • 2ffde69 Skip test that always fails on PHP5.3
  • d1cfe20 Fix PHPCS error.
  • d52b9fc CakeFixtureManager: Truncate tables only if not dropped.
  • ee319ba Backport skip
  • 03df288 Re-add spacing.
  • dab4b85 Backport Hash::sort() support for type locale.
  • 87d86aa Fix/tighten `Folder::inPath()` checks.
  • b096005 Fix CS
  • e3b0aca Removed bug fix for Helper::_confirm to keep the code compatible
  • 34afc37 Added support for confirm (message) option to submit in FormHelper
  • 777e395 fix php document of File::write()
  • 3e16f89 Add tests covering basic use of <> in deleteAll()
  • a10bdb2 Document the ext/memcached version requirements.
  • bc73e92 Restore header() behavior inadvertantely removed.
  • f2638b3 Remove superfluous "Class" from doc blocks
  • 20a2af8 Fix casing issues with Authorization header.
  • 9a5d570 TestShell support --coverage-text option
  • e71d83c TestShell passes the 'directive' option to PHPUnit correctly
  • 345375b add test
  • acc32f5 Work around Apache handling the Authorization: header differently