CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.8.5

  • 64e7c8d Update version number to 2.8.5
  • 7055e82 Add missing uses() call.
  • c2bc45a Remove old logo from README.
  • b737e9f #8844 Add test
  • 8c73086 Fix PHPCS error.
  • e78af35 Only clear the unlocked fields on end().
  • d5d46e2 Fix indentation.
  • 850305a fixes reset FormHelper::$_unlockFields
  • eeefa03 Updated Radio and Inputs form helper
  • dcd7563 Rewrote class attribute assignment
  • 0d32554 Move codesniffer into suggests.
  • 2227e01 Fixing Sqlite's handling of datetime/timestamp columns with current_timestamp default set
  • 0588092 Enable nested transactions before trying to test them
  • f75ebf8 Make Sqlite Testcases compatible with Windows / NTFS file systems
  • 615be3a Fix for Issue #8847
  • e31ce0d Add the HTTP Patch to the Content-Type check mechanism
  • c7a48ac Add composer.json for the app/
  • c02b269 Fix default installation path for vendors.
  • 723ed96 Added sorting by modified time in Folder util
  • 39b4cbe Port PHP7 fixes to 2.x
  • fa6e74c Improved apc calls
  • 4a61f7f Supporting APCu on PHP 7
  • 4d65091 Updated tests
  • de87ac1 Remove link to google group.
  • efc2526 Appease PHPCS.
  • b6d631b Use strlen(). Comparing a string against a length will not do the right thing.
  • 695005d Fixing indentation
  • d640e68 Add new forum link to home page
  • bce5717 Including forum link
  • 31cddbe Only add Flash component when required