CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.7.3

  • 0dbabce Update version number to 2.7.3
  • 143c34b Handle case where a visible input shares a name with an invisible one.
  • f154a8f Fix MediaView extension handling as documented and expected.
  • 0df0f1a Don't use short tags.
  • 70feb52 Changing the default layout to use FlashComponent::render instead of the deprecated SessionComponent::flash. Changing the flash elements to retain the id attribute that was previously present. Also fixing file permissions on the template files I added.
  • 7d5e6e3 Reverting accidental chmod.
  • 8fe9535 Fix path traversal check for Windows based systems
  • d4467f9 Fixing unit tests.
  • 5b92c90 Missing test fix ModelIntegration
  • fdb41e0 Alter Model::exists() to return false with no table
  • 2f7cc05 Typo in tests docblock
  • fd198ce Edits to tests to cover the changes to Model::exists
  • d3cf879 Updating deprecated SessionComponent::setFlash calls to FlashComponent magic calls.
  • 604cb0e Including the FlashComponent by default in the controller when baking.
  • 0df7bcd Adding Flash element template files.
  • 90a77f6 Alter model exists to consider useTable
  • f3e590a Annotate test coverage
  • a7b5f8c DboSource now check the actual status of connection by executing a dumb query on DB