CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.6.8

  • c037e04 Update version number to 2.6.8
  • 2f616a9 Fix greedy regex operators in Postgres driver.
  • fc57e43 Adjust tests.
  • 77150eb fixed tests cases to print html
  • 2663099 CakeShells should not print html in case of a error
  • 6e5381a Cleanup method calls.
  • 1d03d5b Consolidate template whitespace
  • 705f44e Fix regression where attributes were created with no whitespace.
  • 7dedf7f Refactor cleanly.
  • 2d7487d img tag needs manual space
  • 51d75bc Remove overhead whitespace in templates.
  • 2d0374e Remove 5.2.
  • ccac3b3 Allow deep options for radio() just as for select().
  • 97be9b9 Fix PHPCS errors.
  • 86c358f Fix Validation::multiple() regarding 0 value.
  • 0b20f6d PHP5.2 has no composer.
  • 90da605 Re-enable 5.2 as travis still supports it for now.
  • 56143c6 Update doc blocks for CakePlugin::load().
  • 6d60e6a Backport 7eec48268ebb6a17656df4a059f9e7b43991472f to 2.x
  • 0e6fcc0 Add/correct some tests for humanize.
  • 239c839 Fix regression in camelize().
  • df0f229 Fix issue with overlapping irregular inflections.