CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.6.5

  • 15f8853 Update version number to 2.6.5
  • 4a3b2e2 Fix failing test in SQLite.
  • 52a0d64 Fix incorrectly quoted table aliases in virtual fields.
  • 2974799 Add missing minimizable HTML attributes
  • 6ffc967 Document missing option in loadAll().
  • 323e8d8 Add underscore support for multi word irregulars.
  • d4740c9 Fix incorrect handling of irregular values.
  • a55685c Replace preg_replace with basename in SchemaShell
  • 4b3386c Replace rtrim with preg_replace in SchemaShell
  • 6cb21e6 Change default value to allow code coverage on non-app files.
  • f510dac fix cs
  • 8e618ed Fix documentation regarding attributes
  • cdbf5a0 Correct brackets.
  • ed21f84 Backport _xmlOptions
  • adf2eb0 Backport jsonOptions
  • 309aee9 Backport #6431
  • c31fcd6 Correct default value to false.
  • 8cdf222 Also fix hour()
  • 3ba4308 Use hour as field name.
  • c71a478 Add test case.
  • a9ae7fd Fix year form field when magic input wrapper is used.