CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.6.3

  • 02c40d5 Update version number to 2.6.3
  • c32e555 Add test to ensure column was converted to integer.
  • 8e735c2 Fix class name in scaffold error.
  • 24edae5 Update App.php
  • 4f9d764 Fixed link to cookbook
  • cad57dc Use DS instead of checking both slash styles.
  • a9519d3 Fix whitelist being empty during afterSave.
  • 0dca5c8 Using App::uses('CakeLog', 'Log') twice
  • ed5da19 Fixed return type of toQuarter in CakeTime and TimeHelper
  • 02c9dda Make maxLimit and limit settings independent.
  • 8dba987 Don't generate maxlength properties for decimal columns.
  • a7c2f26 Make sure default datasource is not used for mock
  • aec0241 Make global paths for vendors and plugins based on ROOT.
  • c92cfb4 Allow numeric sorts in PaginatorComponent.
  • ea79cf5 Fix words with WWW in them being autolinked.
  • b80a894 Check line length to account for fence post.
  • d7d2516 Remove unwanted whitespace
  • 5066bc3 Fix whitespace for paginator counter call
  • b151295 Add a better test for the index being correct
  • 5342605 The parentheses were unbalanced
  • 831fe53 Ignore LC_TIME category when extracting messages.
  • 4f2ed15 fix for confirm message on the bake templates
  • 463fa66 Updated test
  • 960ddd0 Added DocBlock
  • 5fd7396 Fixed downloading of files with dots
  • e5fc185 fix error at change type of text field to integer in PostgreSQL