CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.6.2

  • 3fee5b9 Update version number to 2.6.2
  • bdc6a1f Fix CS error
  • 0750a63 Make code DRYer.
  • 546941a i18n: Remove POT-Creation-Date
  • 844b4be Reduced code nesting.
  • b3c9c16 Fix doubly linking URLs starting with //
  • 3dfa22b Fix order of hasOne assocation.
  • ff39d93 Remove PHP5.2 from the build matrix.
  • b974daa Don't create invalid maxlength attributes for decimal columns.
  • ae8653a Contributing: Fixed a broken link.
  • 703be31 Update phpunit.php
  • 3f715c4 Load ClassRegistry Once
  • acd32b7 Fix: "bake plugin" generates incorrect directory for View/Layouts
  • 970cb81 Typo typo
  • 8a600e3 Adding webfont formats as binary in .gitattributes
  • 97c6850 Let IDE work better with ClassRegistry::init()
  • 4fa5dd6 Remove conditional status setting.
  • 70276b7 Doc block adjustment.
  • e753fba Fix ControllerTestCase redirect
  • 76f7754 Adding a status code test.
  • a8ae12a Fix warnings when php://output is used with ConsoleOutput.
  • 5833499 Fix PHPCS errors.
  • 9ce75e6 No need to get the datasource if column is defined in schema. Fixes #5712
  • fd47d26 Keep the user agent list in alphabetical order
  • 2c251b8 put message in cake.pot file instead of default.pot
  • a7d604b Add mobile agent for Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Z30, fixes #5706
  • e5d1846 Fixed PHP 5.2 compatibility
  • e37db25 Change configuration property to static class property
  • d37721a Fix notice in PaginatorHelper when model params are not available.
  • 8a91878 We can't depend on PHPUnit anymore as it doesn't exist in pear form
  • a5e1be7 Fixed tests
  • e513498 Reset Exception.bail just in case
  • ed3b15f Fixed phpcs
  • f621bb7 Fixed nesting when ExceptionRenderer throws exception