CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.6.1

  • 09e5e43 Update version number to 2.6.1
  • 396d501 Fix / being handled incorrect by referer()
  • d4a6d3f Fix numeric values not being quoted for MySQL set columns.
  • 2b1e487 Correct CakeSocket docblocks.
  • 687d0b4 Backport of
  • d39c744 Fix PHPCS error.
  • 6a83e6b Bump copyright year in license
  • cd58fa0 Backport changes from #5635 to 2.x
  • 03d8c40 Fix PHPCS error.
  • 18f02bf Don't emit errors or trigger exceptions when headers have been sent.
  • c2f298a Replace our custom code fence with markdown standard fence
  • 98909fb Fix radio buttons not being added to security hash.
  • a7aaa93 Convert header_sent exception into a notice error.
  • eb414bd Fix double encoding time strings (CakeTime)
  • 66a0e62 Correct criterion inflection
  • 389f745 Stop goofy formatting when newlines are present already.
  • d7bc73b Improve error used when a cache configuation fails to start.
  • bf3ff8e Avoid connection to default for mocked models
  • dabf557 Simplify test assert.
  • b6029d7 Add some additional tests for autoLink.
  • 76b7c8c More complex test case for GET params
  • 54e172b Regex modified to to not capture brackets
  • 2bf41f3 Add missing double quote to link in test
  • 1ebcd9b Test brackets are not autolinked inside href tag
  • a653542 Don't set content-length when serving assets.
  • ec57fb4 Fix length reflection in SQLServer
  • 5aff618 Also autocreate session folder in debug mode
  • fe3d2b9 Added conditional to do not show rerun link if is warning of no test present
  • 21f3a51 Rerun only one test option adding
  • 58eb7b8 Added All options enabled when running test from webfrontend
  • 3ae61e9 Fix Extract task to correctly extract messages with context
  • b7510d4 Avoids problem with code coverage switch when are to equaly named files in a test
  • a2d4950 Update cakephp-codesniffer version