CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.5.0-RC2

  • 99a7ddf Update version number to 2.5.0-RC2
  • a28158d Add additional test for f23d811ff59c50ef278e98bb75f4ec1e7e54a5b3
  • 68572d8 Cannot use php 5.4+ array syntax for 2.x.
  • 5cf2ce7 fixed FormHelper to allow create() on Mock Models without errors
  • f23d811 Use the form action URL in generated form hashes.
  • 27699d1 Fix auto linking urls with subdomain with underscore.
  • d62e5e1 Prevent infinite loop caused when argv not set.
  • 9d19801 Clear data and validationErrors *after* calling clearCache().
  • f90f718 change parameter order
  • 6f68049 Reject file paths containing `..`.
  • 2333c3d Update docs for file().
  • 0c036f6 Remove unncessary language support.
  • 7e6bc48 Complete Inflector transliterations.
  • 01e9594 update composer.json
  • ead494e Allow setting only default layout without specifying template in email config.
  • 6bdfdfd Optimize view paths caching for plugins.
  • 5ac6028 Fix closing non resource
  • 1a73906 Fix failing NoActions comparison test
  • f7cc0c1 Add newline after actions in controller template
  • f1b57d1 Revert changed added in #2750.
  • 749f2b9 Don't 404 extensions that could be handled by routing.
  • d4ae2b0 Correct types for Validation::range().
  • 4f3578e Fix CakeHtmlReporter output for HTML
  • 9aeea2f Trim $sql before checking for SELECT
  • b55fa98 Updated documentation * Removed references to nonexistent `AclBase` class * Added references to `AclInterface` requirements