CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.4.0

  • 83db877 Update version number to 2.4.0
  • ca9a305 Update version number to 2.3.10
  • 7bd2174 Refactor tests to use a data provider.
  • 256e1f6 Removed unused variable
  • c03edd9 Don't load Helpers in dataviews when _serialize is set.
  • cce1faf Fixed typo in comments
  • b8320fd Load helpers at View construction.
  • c1ae41d Correctly generate bigint primary keys in sqlite.
  • ed10c33 Fixed typos in text and comments
  • 17f9661 Added mask to File cache docblock
  • c4ec8be Fixed category constant values: constants in Cake don't use the same values as PHP (Linux)
  • 1fd936f Fixed cross-platform issue: LC_* constants have different values on windows
  • fc47bf9 Avoid reparsing locale definition file.
  • 88d7fbe Extract category strings to separate .po files
  • 80d55fe also remove app ones
  • 1aba204 remove $name where not necessary to unify this in 2.x
  • 42feb8d Fix failing test.
  • d606bcb convert forbidden character in filename(Windows) with underline
  • e157d8a convert forbidden character in filename(Windows) with underline
  • 59cef53 Update docs to reflect the routes that are actually connected.
  • 703d988 Adding files to be compared against bake generated files, fixing bake templates in the meantime.
  • faa2cbd Remove session.auto_start configuration.
  • 24123e2 Add test for postLink with escape false + confirm option.
  • 361980f remove code, class names and paths from translation strings.
  • 6d80d6a Add missing return.
  • 036954b remove duplicate newlines according to CS
  • 8ca92a1 Breaking trigger_error() to multiple lines to shorten the line length.
  • 6785589 Remove invalid code.
  • 5ed9e5d sync and correct generic css
  • 2a540ff Fix for #3515, functional extension & tests