CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.3.8

  • 717b1de Update version number to 2.3.8
  • a8f4ec0 Simplify whitelist logic.
  • d4db64f Ignore asset requests containing %2e in them.
  • b873186 Fix being unable to sort on custom synthetic columns.
  • 4d6258a Correct off by one error.
  • 1fe424a Moves code out of the try/catch blocks in the connect() methods.
  • 5a6f125 Fix the "testAssetUrlNoRewrite" test
  • d40c737 Rebalance where URL normalization happens in AuthComponent.
  • e016f11 Revert previous changes.
  • 8133f72 Update AuthComponent to not strip when normalizing URLs.
  • 52be365 Introduce the `strip` argument to Router.
  • 494fd05 Fix downloading Ranges in files.
  • b3273e9 Correct documentation.
  • 64ff9ad Fixed indenting
  • 3d83c62 Added more words to InflectorTest
  • a27499d Updated Inflector's 'pluralize and singularize to correctly handle addisional words. Updated InflectorTest to test new words.
  • 960ce7f Don't use inline assignment.
  • cfa260d Update ServerShell to use provided documentRoot.
  • 2918ae9 Update index.php to serve static files with query strings.
  • 542d594 Fix deprecated value in argument and disable caching
  • a643295 remove @access and unnecessary $name
  • 0555895 Remove leftover temp file
  • 4bb0a12 Fix I18n to extract plugin model validation messages
  • a397f03 Some love for a deprecated class
  • 11eeb33 Some minor CS improvements to FormHelper
  • d9882fc Fixed three @param data types
  • a7213b2 Update doc block.
  • 85a7590 Minor doc block improvements
  • af455b4 correct return types in doc blocks
  • ba02678 doc block corrections
  • c478d60 bool to boolean
  • e7f380d doublespace to single space
  • c989624 whitespace coding standards