CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.2.6

  • 0a96e20 Update version number to 2.2.6
  • ce7f85a Fix Token fields being added to GET forms.
  • 0b659d5 Add tests for #3545
  • ec619ee Remove some spacial overkill
  • 0cdef75 Fix failing tests.
  • 7549570 Fix Hash::get($data, '0')
  • efadf3d Make sure sessions are started before destroying them.
  • 622d2f0 removing extra newline in baked files
  • e8647d7 Added App::uses to the PluginAppController and PluginAppModel bake templates
  • db81276 Update helper usage to 2.x style in code examples
  • 631da2d Update doc block.
  • 76fe9f8 Fixing the way to follow redirects when fetching XML files. See: 689745d7054fb7adae1b1f1faad99945c1a65521
  • 7790bca Allow afterFind() to fully remove an associated record.
  • 773666d Fix coding standards and save a function call.
  • 18e282f Fix space between function + parenthesis.
  • 84b10ba Strict in_array for mixed id variable types
  • 689745d Follow redirects when fetching XML files.
  • 23d4807 Fixing expected value from find when it results in failure. When a behavior callback (eg: beforeFind) stops the event, find will return null. False is really never returned from find().
  • 95ed471 Reduce duplication in code.
  • 5a6a45d Add support for --admin to bake controller all.
  • 0ed9e3c Only bake HABTM associations for tables that exist.
  • ad0d664 Partially revert default niceShortFormat
  • eff4004 Don't treat tables that substring match as associations
  • bcdbdc8 Add OK or Successful HTTP codes 200-206 to HttpResponse::isOK(). Fixes #3531
  • 099ca31 Ensure $sources is Array before use
  • e369222 Fix lint errors.
  • 13dc397 Added unittest for REQUEST_URI with multiple FQDNs.
  • b7b6859 Fixes corrupted CakeRequests when a $_GET value contains "://"