CakePHP Changelogs

Version 2.10.14

  • 1dc3219 Update version number to 2.10.14
  • 44f4fe2 Fixes docblock for Folder constructor
  • 7788c60 Adjust enum related unit tests
  • cf6c8d5 Improve support of enum data type
  • 0f2bbf5 Adjust the check according to review comments
  • 3d22463 Add the functionality to accept enum MySQL datatype storing the Integer values as String (#12715)
  • a9e20c3 Fix @return value
  • addd538 Fix invalid condition
  • c005791 Cast var to int for comparison
  • cb1d80f Improve documentation
  • 92e9277 Improve code style
  • 509accc Improve code style
  • 261a99c Improve documentation and code style
  • 320cdf9 Add undocumented properties (#12717)
  • 22b0386 Move failing assertion to a new test method
  • d9655c9 Remove memcached in PHP 7.3 tests
  • 2f5467e Move failing assertion to a new test method
  • 0f0cede Move failing assertion to a new test method
  • d5ac7aa Simplify assertions in tests
  • 90ddb43 Fix some PHP 7.3 errors
  • e43db36 PHP7.3 added to the build setting.
  • 58ebf6a Remove id property from bake template
  • d8d6502 Adjust unit tests with id parameter for exists() method
  • 3ea39d9 Add model id to all `exists()` method calls,
  • ee1b1a1 Defines TESTS also after app bootstrap.php is loaded, #12636
  • 53e3df2 Replace hard coded test directory paths with constants, fixes #12636