CakePHP Changelogs

Version 1.3.21

  • fa5eac7 Bump version number.
  • f2ef634 Remove ability to use arbitrary view templates paths.
  • df192c5 Ignore node_modules when looking for PHP code.
  • 9cefd88 Add config option to ignore specified files or folders when importing paths
  • 8465b67 Add test case for #5064
  • 2e2a022 Fixes #5064
  • 77730bb Fix failing tests.
  • 472c03b Fix for the MIME-TYPE be set by default
  • 7a00f70 Mime Type on HTML Emails Fix
  • b9251f6 Mime Type on HTML Emails
  • 0c3b9e4 Fix API links.
  • 4e6e2cd Removed crc32() because of *very* common collisions occuring.
  • 72105c2 Removed all occurences of crc32 in dbo_source as a cache key, which is not only a stupid idea but should be actually considered a bug! It does collide with a .1% propability for every 1.6mio queries processed (which is not to uncommon in a shell process).
  • 7e78506 Fix TimeHelper returning 1969 on invalid dates.
  • 4236ed2 Issue on empty param