CakePHP Changelogs

Version 1.3.2

  • 0eea0ce Updating version numbers to 1.3.2
  • e47c966 Remove debugging.
  • d803b30 Fix Model validation bake tests for Windows.
  • 26d526f Fix AuthComponent tests for windows newlines.
  • e41e89c Making magic select not override magic hidden. Tests added. Fixes #782
  • bd6e16b Fixing issue where join tables would be filed under 'missing' and found. Test added. Fixes #789
  • 3c27c4c Ajusting smtpOption in EmailComponent. Fixes #779
  • b480d80 Avoid undefined index if not define timeout in EmailComponent. Fixes #779
  • 7682c58 Changing how merged rules are cleared so it doesn't generated notice errors in PHP4. Test added. Fixes #762
  • 8d8fce4 Fixing template task path replacements under windows. Fixes #771
  • 74dad04 Fixing read from SMTP by EmailComponent. Closes #772
  • 7ed67e5 Fixing virtualFields used in order clauses where virtualField was supplied with model alias. Tests added. Refs #768
  • c98a82c Fixing whitespace.
  • 66a8890 Fixing code formatting in test cases.
  • 07948a7 Reverting change made in [7cde309]. Readding trim() to fix issues on windows. Updating tests so they continue to pass on macos. Fixes #769
  • 9cd73c3 Update short description doc blocks.