CakePHP Changelogs

Version 1.3.11

  • c73ae84 Updating version numbers
  • 9602de8 Adding tests for absolute urls on script elements.
  • f140080 Added Bake-Banner to home.ctp for baked projects.
  • eefde54 Updating path constant in CodeCoverageManager to better support custom installs. Fixes #1831
  • 3cf4dd8 Reversing the order fixtures are truncated in order to remove data in a way that better supports foreign keys. Fixes #1837
  • ff5ac73 Removing redundant/always true conditions in Controller::__mergeVars. Fixes #1830
  • 7d1c99a Fixed typo
  • 028065e Closing forgotten tag.
  • 9f4ad94 Fixing singularization of "curves"
  • ee16348 Fixing issues with ApcEngine and duration = 0 (forever) values. Fixes #1795
  • 2470096 renamed chmod to mode in the comments for function copy.
  • 3189872 Adding early return when connection to MySQL or MySQLi fails. Fixes #1732
  • 41d2852 Unnecessary str_replace
  • a0c08cd Synchronizing home.ctp file in skel directory with the one in default app, closes #1777
  • e4fee14 Hide db credentials
  • 13bcaaf Fixing doubly encoded action attributes in FormHelper. Fixes #1748
  • f3f0363 Adding a test for double escaped form urls. Refs #1748
  • de893b1 Unnecessary line
  • f641da8 Fixing issue with generic.css and overlapping in view scaffolds. Thanks to 'euromark' for the patch. Fixes #1787
  • 5ffab8c Added App::import('Model', 'ConnectionManager') to cake/libs/sanitize.php to prevent missing class errors.
  • 52a5c76 Synchronizing default css file in skel directory, closes #1777
  • 00f29f3 Updating docblock for Sanitize::stripScripts()
  • b22fdea Add doc block for CakeSchema::_noPrefixTable
  • 169b0a5 Consolidate table prefix removal.
  • c5d7637 Added test for datasource prefixes. Fixed another instance of error in prefix replacement in CakeSchema.
  • 52b9087 Fixed schema reading where table name contains the datasource prefix.
  • 6aca8dc Updating the copyright to 2011.
  • cd8b18d Fixing notice errors caused by trying to operate on keys that don't exist. Fixes #1651