CakePHP Changelogs

Version 1.3.10

  • 8671aa3 Updating version numbers to 1.3.10
  • 9402f66 Added notice about SimpleTest compatability. Fixes #1333.
  • 0d1ae69 Fixing small mistake from last commit trying to improve styles for url rewriting detection notice
  • d51e902 Improving styles for url rewriting detection notice, and copying it to the skel app
  • 3f58509 Fixing Xml::toString() not slugging elements with no children.
  • b76901e Ensuring that nested cookie values are deleted.
  • b64b121 Fixing CakeLog::handleError() being called too often.
  • 5fd1926 Updating MediaView test
  • 684c377 Handling files with Uppercase extesion name
  • 6b7dbcd Adding warning message on homepage for misconfigured URL rewriting. Closes #1577
  • 600609c Adding testsuite icons to the repo, so they are local assets instead of remote ones. Fixes #1708