CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.7.2

  • eae2679 Update version number to 3.7.2
  • d26ca3b Using 'before' and 'after' annotations in EmailTrait
  • 85c9c94 Using phpunit 'after' annotation in ConsoleIntegrationTestTrait
  • 5fc1e97 Remove todo to satisfy linter
  • 1d24a2f Add test covering scenario described in #12859
  • 3e18742 Move tests closer to the code being tested.
  • d34b0d7 Require Log package.
  • 1d36e9f Update LICENSE
  • eaa9cb5 Restore AppVeyor config that runs the PHPUnit `.bat` file.
  • c42affa Fix `FileCacheEngine` removing files in parent of configured path.
  • 84248b2 Fixing style errors.
  • 3bc4d43 Add test case
  • 73a7042 Fixing style errors.
  • 939fff1 Allow assetUrl() to use cns easier.
  • afc602c Try not using .bat file to run phpunit
  • 3d5e878 Fix nullable docblocks
  • 54be889 Fix handling of `html` and `htm` extensions.
  • 7e90881 Use constant instead of integer.
  • 8e795a1 Fix error code check.
  • 1a179e6 Remove redundant check in FileEngine
  • ac2ad08 Fix .json routes not rendering error pages properly
  • 0ec1bc9 CS fix
  • 6e97e08 Test that uploaded files are being passed correctly.
  • 7497365 Pass uploaded files configured with configRequest() to ServerRequest.
  • a42d24c Fix CS error.
  • aeb61f2 Fixing Typehints
  • b05bc8d Simplify pattern and fix mistakes.
  • 8e5a24b Ignore composer.phar
  • 62f328e Disallow command names with more than 3 words.
  • 4407ccb shells => commands in docs block
  • 0c8ce43 Enable subcommands to use spaces.