CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.4.10

  • 3bf71a5 Update version number to 3.4.10
  • e0910ea Disable redirect handling in the adapter.
  • b98cf47 Reduce method calls.
  • 5a95648 Remove cakephp/i18n as a dependency for cakephp/validation.
  • 4c94503 Sync method signature with parent class method.
  • 9b74882 Fix conditional using count to not emit warning in PHP 7.2
  • bcd9407 Move redirects handling to the Client.
  • 0b675b4 Simplify logic.
  • 3df3ccb MoFileParser support Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;
  • 2d59a95 Reset eager loaders before triggering before find.
  • 0eec6c7 Enable DigestAuth to work when digest key is hidden.
  • 2724165 Fix incorrect documentation.
  • 2c958f6 Stop warnings when using count in QueryCompiler in PHP 7.2
  • b4bfb5e Nightly doesn't have xdebug.ini
  • a2ebb38 Test against PHP nightly
  • 53bde12 Fix lint issue.
  • 938fba0 Fix overwrite() not replacing longer content.
  • ef239d0 Enable EntityContext to read from ArrayAccess properties
  • ecdc092 Improve exception message for Email::_validateEmail
  • 5364845 Fixed Xdebug issue in combination with isConnected() #10836
  • ea001bc Added tests for check() starting the session if needed
  • f209ef9 Check for session.use_trans_sid and session ID in URL in case cookies are disabled