CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.3.7

  • 60d45ff Update version number to 3.3.7
  • 625ae59 Add test coverage for new options.
  • 50e80f5 Add doc blocks for new options.
  • bc57127 Allow '' to be a valid key for Hash/Session data.
  • 489b5f8 Add scripts for testing/checking.
  • 2ca8fe1 Add tests for lat/lng validation for 0.
  • 5d6a7c4 Add support for parsing multi-extensions
  • 53a76b0 Only dirty fields when the entity is new.
  • 4ab91c5 Move variables closer to where they are used.
  • 2d0fad2 Fix PHPCS.
  • e8e4ce3 fix phpdoc
  • 4c8374d adds support for NAN and INF rendered as zero
  • a54340f Add additional test covering update with only translations.
  • 884a3fa Fix new entities with no fields, and bundled translations not saving.
  • aca66f9 Add test for fix in #9630
  • 0804be9 Body should default to null for GET requests with Http Client
  • 9bccdc5 Reorder arguments in some assertions
  • 55e3451 test update
  • 5bff3ce add translate behaviour test refs #9610
  • 38c1442 Add more tests for plural selection in russian.
  • ed09383 Add tests for other ru plural rules.
  • e7788df allow to specify method and enctype for formhelper independent of it s "magic" type option
  • 51be973 Moved UNIX_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT check to i18nFormat (as requested by Lorenzo)
  • e9847b2 Proposed enhancement for issue #9083