CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.2.8

  • c263b38 Update version number to 3.2.8
  • e35ab33 removing extra whitespace
  • c651789 Update minimum requirements for cakephp/orm. Fixes cakephp/orm#10
  • 1d388ea Expand documentation on placeholder binding.
  • 692a36e Fix PHPCS.
  • eb9ff41 Fix Text::truncate() on single words.
  • 228cee7 Remove extract().
  • b221f62 fix typo
  • c2764b8 Add warning when openssl doesn't have enough entropy.
  • 44bb324 Collection::every() should return false for empty collection.
  • 605bc59 update docblock
  • a5fb82d Fix tests on postgres
  • 85533b6 Restore state of entities if transaction is rollbacked.
  • 1d3c554 Improve tests
  • 351424f Add test showing saveMany() also works with ResultSet
  • 453f3c2 Add tests for Table::saveMany()
  • 7409323 Add Table::saveMany().
  • 343e206 Re-add the Equifax Secure Certificate Authority
  • 7babacc adds sorting to the parameters
  • 36c92d6 add alias for
  • 2e36f5b refs #improve-add-crumb-doc add unit test to confirm the url array format works
  • ce9c9bc Add array to the accepted link types for addCrumb method