CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.1.9

  • 2f0bf24 Update version number to 3.1.9
  • 6a7a01f Declare splits as stable.
  • 44d74ec Add an example test.
  • fdf743a FormContext: Cast Hash::get() value to force array.
  • e246575 Fix `Query::from()` examples.
  • 0663264 Add some test coverage to shell classes.
  • d267037 Add tests for I18nShell option parser.
  • 248adc3 Update badge
  • 4e382c4 Use codecov instead of coveralls.
  • b5f790c Fix tests and missing quotation mark for charset attribute
  • cbb81ac HTML5 meta charset
  • 62885ab Add tests for parseDateTime(1970)
  • 64157f5 Mention `FormHelper::button()` too.
  • fd7b2dc #8109: Time::parseDateTime() now correctly accepts dates returning unix time 0
  • 59adc46 Fix `FormHelper::postLink()` description.
  • 21d5d07 Use an expression object.
  • 7f35697 Remove blank line.
  • 9de28a7 Only update autoFields() if it is undefined.
  • 6211a1f Fix PHPCS errors.
  • e58e06a Add assertions for the new state of marshalled entities.
  • 8994971 Reject controller names that are not camel case.
  • 351faea Take care of properly inflecting plugin name in route classes itself.
  • d7e0bde Merge data into existing belongsToMany associations.