CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.1.0-beta2

  • 52c3617 Update version number to 3.1.0-beta2
  • c2f14ba Fix branch conflicts in the various subsplits.
  • 1fa60a5 Update version number to 3.0.11
  • eaf3f0d Disallow numeric encodings in range and fix comparison
  • f4daaec Make Validation::comparison() less lax.
  • 388940c Expand complex conditional.
  • e756eaa Prevent user data from executing arbitrary callables.
  • 8fab212a correct error type
  • cbbe9ee Fix return type
  • 363e3fd Remove unused code.
  • 9afbc80 Fixed CS issue
  • 2266b76 Fix regression around empty options.
  • f02c898 Restore second=>true behavior.
  • a718ac7 use a temp variable instead of the array
  • f858103 Deprecate "scope" and "contain" options.
  • 4fa0dcf Fix typo
  • d28c6c4 Fix CS error
  • 54d8ac0 Allow setting custom finder for authenticators.
  • 3688245 fix the test case
  • 2fc66e7 update the DateTime formatting
  • 1ca0977 update the test to better use the callback function
  • b5fffd8 Fix docblock
  • bda04dd allow string to be passed to `distinct()`
  • abf342f allow Dates to be numerically sorted.
  • 0572b6c typo in docblock
  • a317870 Explain modulus 0.
  • 0073593 Add test for disabled modulus.
  • d76803b Documentation.
  • a61b5ae Allow modulus of 0.
  • 8c15ee9 ensure path parameter behavior consistency for Hash insert and remove methods
  • 7d7ab3e reformat cast statement accordingly to code style
  • 318da77 support more than one matcher for Hash insert