CakePHP Changelogs

Version 3.0.10

  • 2bb3880 Update version number to 3.0.10
  • 7c5acaa Use full namespaces in docblocks.
  • 8a0317d Reverted EventManagerTrait as a stub file.
  • d4d8c5b Docblock updated.
  • defeff0 Renamed EventManagerTrait to EventDispatcherTrait to better reflect that it implements EventDispatcherInterface.
  • 742f85d Port Hash::maxDimension() fixes to 3.0
  • 2fd4f87 Add test for #7073
  • aed215f XmlView: check _serialize keys before using them
  • c123ca3 Make registries implement EventDispatcherInterface.
  • ca109d9 Fix notice error when reading array values.
  • d5b2551 Docblock updates
  • 02b7e4d Update docblocks
  • 9b857d0 Fix regression caused by PR #6942.
  • 1afa7ec Fix incorrect types used.
  • d44cb7a Fix typo.
  • 6ed8aec Fixing a typo in the comments
  • 39e9863 Move empty check to a more general purpose place.
  • 5597ec9 Don't modify the where clause on empty inputs.